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  • Jew´s Ear - Auricularia Auricula-judae

    Synonyms: Auricularia Judae, Auricularia Polytricha, Wood Ear, Ear Fungus, Tree Ear, Yu er, Mu-er, Mo-er, A. Auricula, Maomuer, Yung Ngo, Muk Ngo, Kikurage, Mokurage, Aragekikurag

    This mushroom has an unusual, appealing texture, when eaten but, by itself, is not remarkably flavourful. Nevertheless, he is highly prized in Asia and is commonly used in soups. Jew's Ear is a gelatinous cup fungus, ear-shaped, generally purplish grayish brown to dingy brown and 2-15cm broad. Covered by a medulla of fine hairs. The surface is smooth, wrinkled towards the center.