Mycorrhiza for Strawberries

Increased fruit quality.
Higher resistance against drought and plant diseases.

Benefits of Mycorrhiza for strawberry cultivation

  • optimized nutrient supply
  • increased growth
  • higher harvest yield
  • better fruit quality
  • more resistant against drought
  • more resistant against plant diseases like
    verticillium wilt and crown rot


Our product for strawberries - Mycorrhiza Soluble

Use a 30g pack for up to 25 m² of cultivated area. Mix the Mycorrhiza well with water and water it to the plants. The best time for application during planting.

The most natural way to fertilise your strawberries.

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Mycorrhiza for Strawberries

For strawberry cultivation Mycorrhiza is very beneficial and leads to stronger plants 1,2 that are more resistant against drought and plant diseases.

Mycorrhiza optimises the water and nutrient supply, this leads to increased growth1,2 qualitatively and quantitatively higher yields.

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