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Zhu ling - Polyporus umbellatus - Grain Spawn for organic growing acc. to Regulation EC 834/2007 and 889/2008, AT-BIO-701 Strain Nr.: 113001

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Zhu ling - Polyporus umbellatus

The Polyporus umbellatus creates bushy fruiting bodies, composed of numerous round single standing fruiting hats. These can reach diameters of 20 to 40, sometimes 50 cm and weigh several kilograms. The individual stems converge in a common stalk. The stalk arises from a black-brown sclerotium, which is located close to the soil surface. The individual hats are coloured pale yellow to grey-brown and have a width of 1 - 4 cm. They have a rough surface and are mostly immersed in the middle. The edge is wavy bent and relatively thin. On the bottom of the hats is a whitish porous layer that can run far down the stem. The pores are round and the tubes are one to two centimeters long. The flesh is also whitish, fibrous and brittle. It smells like flour, pleasant when young; aged, however, it has an unpleasant odor.

Ready colonised rye grain spawn for inoculation of convenient fruiting substrate. Larger quantities for commercial mushroom growing on request. Recommended only for experienced cultivators!

Production time: Spawn is made fresh after ordering, production time 2 to 3 weeks.
This product is fresh produce and should be processed immediatly after delivery.
If the product cannot be processed immediatley, it can be stored in the fridge at 4° Celsius for a maximum of two weeks

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Organic Zhu ling - Polyporus umbellatus - Grain Spawn small

Mastergrain (rye based)
Certified for organic mushroom cultivation.
(Organic control station: AT-BIO-701, Biko Tyrol)
1 autoclavebag approx. 1.6 kg - 2.5 liter
Price: from 14.90 €

Organic Zhu ling - Polyporus umbellatus - Grain Spawn large

Mastergrain (rye based)
Certified for organic mushroom cultivation.
(Organic control station: AT-BIO-701, Biko Tyrol)
1 autoclavebag approx. 3.3 kg - 6 liter
Price: from 19.90 €

Suitable Substrate:
hardwood (birch, maple, beech, oak).

Suitable method of cultivation:
wood logs, mushroom bed / patch, indoor mycelium bags for cultivation in a greenhouse

Kingdom: Fungi
Division: incertae sedis
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Polyporales
Family: Polyporaceae
Genus: Polyporus
Species: Polyporus umbellatus
Spores: 7 - 10 x 3 - 4 µ, white in deposit, smooth, cylindrical

Growing conditions
Phase 1: Mycelium growth
Temperature: 15 - 24°C
Humidity: 90 - 100%
Duration: 21 - 30 days to two years
CO2: >5,000 ppm
Fresh air exchange: 1 - 4 per hour
Light: n/a

Phase 2: Sclerotia formation
Temperature: 10 - 16 °C
Humidity: 90 - 100%
Duration: 60 - 90 days
CO2: >5,000 ppm
Fresh air exchange: 1 - 4 per hour
Light: darkness required

Phase 3: Primordia formation / Fruiting initiation
Temperature: 4 - 10°C
Humidity: 90 - 100%
Duration: 30 - 60 days
CO2: <5,000 ppm
Fresh air exchange: 8 or  more per hour
Light: maximum 200 lux

Phase 4: Fruiting and Harvest
Temperature: 10 - 16° C
Humidity: 85 - 95%
Duration: 30 - 90 days
CO2: <500 ppm or ambient natural
Fresh air exchange: 4 - 8 per hour
Light: 500 - 1,000 lux
Cropping cycle: seasonal, typically occuring in the late summer and early fall

About the Mushroom

About the Mushroom:

Scientific name: Hypsizygus ulmarius


Synonyms: Elm Oyster, Shirotamogitake, Da Yu Mo


Natural habitat:
The elm oyster is distributed all over the temperate climate zones in deciduous and mixed woodland where it grows mainly on elm, beech or oak trees. During the last centuries the population decreased, so it is not advisable to collect this mushroom from the woods.

Appropriate substrate:
Wheat straw, hardwood (most suitable: oak, beech, plum, maple, elm, birch, alder, ash)


Edible mushroom

The Elm Oyster is a delicious edible mushroom that can be used like other Oyster mushrooms. On the market this mushroom is often incorrectly sold as 'Oyster mushroom' but it produces larger fruit bodies than other Oysters. The colour of the fruiting bodies is white to light grey or light brown, depending on substrate and habitat.



Kingdom: Fungi
Class: Basidiomycota
Subclassis: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Tricholomataceae
Genus: Hypsizygus
Species: Hypsizygus ulmarius
Spores: white, round to ovoid, diameters 3-5 µ

Growing conditions

Phase 1: Mycelium growth

: 21 - 27 °C
Humidity: 95 - 100%
Duration: 14 - 21 days, + 7-day rest
CO2: >10,000 ppm
Fresh air exchange: 0 - 1 per hour
Light: n/a

Phase 2: Arranging of Mycelia / Fruiting initiation

Temperature: 10 - 13°C
Humidity: 98 - 100%
Duration: 5 - 10 days
CO2: <1,000 ppm
Fresh air exchange: 4 - 8 per hour
Light: 500 - 1000 Lux

Phase 3: Fruiting and Harvest

: 13 - 18 °C
Humidity: (90) 94 - 98%
Duration: 4 - 7 days
CO2: 600 - 1,500 ppm
Fresh air exchange: 4 - 8 per hour or as needed
Light: 500 - 1000 Lux
Cropping cycle: 2 harvests, 7 - 14 days apart


Instructions in German as .PDF for download.


Instructions in English as .PDF for download.


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