Inoculation of substrate bags with spore syringes
(Level 1 – beginners)

This is a very simple method of mushroom cultivation and suitable for hobby-mycologists. Use a convenient substrate, depending on the mushroom species you want to cultivate. Detailed information about the convenient substrate can be found in the product description of our spores. When you bring spores onto an appropriate nutrient medium, the spores start to germinate. As soon as the substrate is fully colonised by the mushroom, you can set up the bag for fruiting.

Recommended materials:

Substrate bag (depending to the mushroom species) – rye-Vermiculite mix with max. moisture content;
Spore syringe
Workspace disinfectant
Kitchen paper towels
Tape (cloth tape)

Disinfect the surface of the bag

To avoid invasion of any contamination during inoculation, we recommend to disinfect the surface (the place you want to put the needle in). Kindly spray disinfection (e.g., Bacillol) on the bag, let it react for about 20-30 seconds and then dry it with a clean kitchen paper or similar.



Shake the syringe to dispense the spores equally. Now put the needle into the bag (at the disinfected area, always above substrate level) and push the spore solution of the same species into the bag. We recommend to use about 10 - 20 ml – that is 1 - 2 syringes - for small bags (2,5 L content). For larger bags (4,5 L content) we recommend to use 20 - 30 ml spore solution – that is 2 - 3 spore syringes.

Should the needle get in contact with any unsterile material, you will have to heat-sterilize it. Heat the needle using an alcohol lamp (or a lighter). The front part of the needle should glow red. After that let the needle cool off for a few seconds (do not overheat the needle as the stand is made of plastic which could melt!).


Seal the inoculation area and distribute the spores

Close the inoculation area immediately with the tape. To distribute the spores equally in the substrate, shake the bag carefully.


Spawn run

For colonisation of the substrate, store the bag at the convenient 'spawn run' - temperature (see product descriptions) in a dark place. As soon as the substrate is fully colonised by the mushroom, you can put it into the fruiting chamber. If you work with rye grain substrate, it is also possible to use the grain for inoculation of a different fruiting substrate.

TIP: If the substrate is not colonised evenly, kindly shake the bag after about 10 days, when you can see mycelium starting to grow around the bag.