Brown-Gilled woodlover - Hypholoma capnoides

Synonyms: Smokey Gilled Hypholoma

The Brown-Gilled Woodlover applies for connoisseurs as one of the favourite edible mushroom species with a pleasant, mild nutty taste. Hypholoma capnoides grows on conifer wood, but cultivation of this mushroom is still under research. While cultivation on conifer wood logs the results have been significantly positive, for indoor cultivation with mycelium bags a cultivation method has not yet been established. The cap of the Brown-Gilled Woodlover is orange to yellow-brown with a diameter of 2 to 7 cm, the stems are 5 to 9 cm long, the fruiting bodies occur in tuft-form. Hypholoma capnoides is widely spread all over Europa and can also be found in Austria. Especially when collected in the wild it may be mistaken or confused with the non-edible Sulphur Tuft Mushroom (Hypholoma fasciculare).