Organic fungi for everyone

Inspired by the tiniest mushroom spores...

Our vision: to enrich our day-to-day nutrition with the vast array of organically grown vital and gourmet mushrooms, to bring to reviviscence the lovely aromatic recipes of grandma's kitchen's mushroom dishes using the rediscovered and newly discovered varieties of fungi.
And to establish for achievment of these goals the state-of-the-art professional mushroom cultivation as a new agricultural branch in Austria respectively Europe.
The basis for this is our fundamental research at the MRCA Labs; for our pioneering cultivational and exploratory work we became acknowledged partners of the Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria and our research has become the shared object of study to microbiology, pharmacology and botanics.   

On mystic mushroom knowledge

Since 1997, we have been investigating and collecting knowledge from universities and nurseries, undertook educational tours and conducted studies abroad, with result of having at our hands today a rather remarkable and comprehensive collection of mycelium cultures. With this history and building upon our over 15-year experience and partnership with the fungal organism, we have been able to establish the Mushroom Research Center Austria as a respected institution in the field, as well as the largest provider of mushroom cultivation supplies in central Europe.

95% of the mushrooms consumed in Austria are imported. With our know-how, with 800 square meters mushroom cultivation laboratories and with our organic substrate production we have created the basis for an agriculturally relevant production in Austria.

Gourmet mushrooms and delicacies made in Austria

Since 2012 under this new brand Tyroler Glückspilze®, via our MPC Mushroom Production Center LCC we run production and marketing of organic fresh edible and vital mushrooms for the food market, organic medicinal and vital mushrooms for the supplement market; dried fungi and mycelia, commercial-scale or for your garden, and we offer the entire range of products ex works and via our webshop