Roasted Umbrella polypore on rocketsalad for ca. 5 persons


400g fresh Umbrella Polypore

500g salad rocket

200g cherry tomatoes

100g parmesan

Salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic reduction


Cut the Umbrella Polypore as good as possible into ca. 1/2cm thick slices and roast it with a little olive oil ca. 3 minutes on each side. Turn the slices in a minute cycle. Add salt and pepper at the end.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in quarters, mix the salad rocket and the cherry tomatoes with oil, salt and pepper and place it in the middle of a plate. Now drizzle the salad with balsamic reduction to taste and place the roasted mushrooms around the salad.

Plane the parmesan cheese over the salad and the mushrooms before serving.


This recipe also works well with the Hen-of-the-Woods mushroom.