Mycorrhiza Plants Cultivation Set - 1 Mini Greenhouse + 1 Mycorrhiza Soluble + 10 Seed Tabs + 1 Pack Seeds

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This Set contains all you need to cultivate your own Mycohrrized plantlets. Your plantlets get protected and strengthened from the very early stage on.

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Seed Species
  • Richly yielding, robust and strong growth variety for outdoor planting. Red, medium-size fruit without green neck.
  • Cherry tomato. Long trusses with small, very aromatic, red, attractive and sweet fruit.
  • Large, shiny dark-green fruit, ripens to red.
  • Very good yield. Suitable for greenhouse and field-grow.
  • Very sweet and high yield. Can be directly sown in warm areas. Greenhouse cultivation also possible.
  • One of the hottest chilli peppers. Tropical fruity aromatic taste.
  • The thickly fleshed fruits with a pleasant piquant spiciness.
  • Hot pepper with 10-12cm, slender fruits. Early ripening with high yield.
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Mycorrhiza Plants Cultivation Set

This Set contains:
1 Mini Greenhouse 32 x 17 x 18 cm
1 Pack 30 g Mykorrhiza Soluble
10 pcs. Seed Tablets
1 Pack Seeds for Tomato, Pepper or Chili

Usage and application:
Mix 1 table spoon of Mykorrhiza Soluble with about 3.5 liter of water and pour this mixture over the top of the Seed Tablets. Let the Tablets soak and sow the seeds as usual. Mind the germination temperature according to seed package. The best time to inoculate with Mycorrhiza is when sowing, respectively when planting the young plants early in the growing cycle.

This Set contains all you need to cultivate your own Mycohrrized plantlets. Your plantlets get protected and strengthened from the very early stage on. When the plants get larger, replant it in to pots and place it on the window or balcony or into your garden. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to Mykorrhiza application.

Mycorrhiza and Tomatoes
Research shows the benefit of mycorrrhiza application in tomato production. Mycorrhiza raise harvest by increasing plant grow (+30%) and percentage of large fruits (+76%) and extra-large fruits (+44 %) as well as earlier yield. Especially when tomatoes are produced for industrial processing a high fruit quality, tastefulness and rich flavour is appreciated. Taste and flavour is particularly increased by higher sugar content in the fruits3. Research shows that tomatoes in symbioses with mycorrrhiza have a higher content of vitamin C (+23%) and Lycopene, also the content of sugars (fructose and glucose) is increased.

Mycorrhiza for Chili and Peppers
Mycorrhiza treatment on peppers increases nutrient uptake and leads to greater leaf number, leaf area, shoot, root and fruit mas, reproductive growth was enhanced by 450 %. Mycorrhiza also has a beneficial effect on fruit quality, fruit size, weight (+25 %) and the concentration of carotenoids (enhance colour). Another benefit of Mycorrhiza is that it strengthen plants the immune system. A couple of research studies shows the protection of pepper plants against disease like wilt disease caused by Fusarium6 and root rot caused by Phytophtora and Rhizoctonia.
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