Mycorrhiza for Vineyards

Robust vines – high quality wines.

Weinreben im Weinberg

Advantage of Mycorrhiza for vineyards

  • Robust and resistant vines
  • Optimized nutrient supply
  • Increased plant growth
  • High-quality yields
  • Increased sugar and essence content
  • Reduces drought stress


Our Product for Viticulture – Mycorrhiza Soluble

Use one 30 g pack mixed in approx. 20 liter of water for 15 m² of cultivated area. Use a stick to make holes (3 to 4 cm diameter, about 30 to 40 cm deep) in the root area of the vines and pour the Mycorrhiza-water mix into these holes.

The most natural way to fertilize your vines!

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Mycorrhiza for Vineyards

Mycorrhiza application in vineyards shows several benefits. Vines with Mycorrhiza grow stronger and healthier.

Mycorrhiza increase the water and nutrient uptake of the plant what leads to increased plant growth 1,2. Mycorrhiza also has a beneficial effect on grape quality with increased sugar and essence content.

Vineyard-cover crops with legumes (i.e. clover, lucerne) enhance the Mycorrhiza benefits. Legumes accumulate nitrogen in their root area and surrounding soil. Mycorrhiza builds a connection between the root systems of legumes and vines and makes this nitrogen available for the vines.

Mycorrhiza fertilizer boosts your crop yield

Since about 40 years now the team play between Mycorrhiza-fungi and plants is of particular interest to science. Today you can benefit from this symbiosis and naturally stimulate growth and efflorescence of your plants.

The name Mycorrhiza is composed of the Greek words mýkēs ('fungus') and rhíza ('root'). Out in nature 'mycorrhizal' species and plant roots form a symbiotic relationship for mutual benefit. Fossil records have shown that this partnership developed about 500 million years ago, along with the colonisation of the dry land by the first plants.

The most natural way to fertilize your plants!
Mycorrhiza boosts root growth, improves nutrient uptake, leaf growth and flowering and raises crop yields of 95% of all crop and decorative plants while reducing re potting stress, water- and fertilizer consumption as well as drought stress.

We offer Mycorrhiza products for hobbyists and for professional users in four variations; as granular, powder to solubilize, seed inoculant and as tablets. These dosage forms cover any application.

Application is easy. The costs are only cents per plant!


The most natural way to fertilize your plants!

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2) Karagiannidis, Nikitas, and Nikolaos Nikolaou. "Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizae on heavy metal (Pb and Cd) uptake, growth, and chemical composition of Vitis vinifera L.(cv. Razaki)." American journal of enology and viticulture 51, no. 3 (2000): 269-275.