Organic-Bees-wax, pastilles, 500 gramm

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Bees-wax pastilles, used to seal inoculation holes when working with sawdust- or dowel-spawn.

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Bees-wax pastilles, 500 Gramm

When cultivating mushrooms with the borehole-method using sawdust-spawn or spawn-dowels, bee- or cheese-wax is used to seal the inoculation-holes. It is important to use wax without harmful additives, as those substances will be absorbed by the mushrooms.

As soon as all holes are inoculated, they are sealed with wax. This works best with liquid wachs applied with a brush. For larger amounts of we recommend the usage of the bees-wax applicator.

Store the chees-wax at room temperature. To avoid loss of quality protect it from heat and direct sunlight.

These pastilles are made of 100% bees-wax

This is a natural product, colour and smell may very with every production.
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