Tyrolean Shiitake-Spätzle for 2 persons:


25g Shiitake dried or 250g fresh (let the dried mushrooms soak in water before using)

Spätzle for 2 persons; your favored type

200g cream

100g Tyrolean smoked bacon, diced

2 shallots

2 branches of rosemary

30g dried tomatoes in oil

2 tablespoonful of oil to fry

1 cup of vegetable soup

salt & pepper


Prepare the spätzle according to your favorite recipe. Fry in a pan the fine-sliced shallots and the tomatoes (cut into stripes) together with the bacon, Shiitake and rosemary. Deglaze with cream and soup, add the spätzle and season with salt and pepper. Let cook gently for a few minutes.



Deer ragout with Shiitake for 4 Persons


800g Deer filet

50g Bacon, diced

2 shallots, fine minced

400g fresh Shiitake, or 40g dried (let them soak in water before using)

4cl port wine

250g cream

1 green onion

Salt, pepper and nutmeg

a tablespoon of oil


Cut the deer filet perpendicular-to-the-grain in fine slices. Heat up the oil in a wide pan and sear it in small portions. Now remove the meat and keep it covered on a plate. Roast the bacon dices in the remaining fat, add the shallots and roast them gently. Clean the mushrooms in the meanwhile and cut them in small slices. Add them to the pan and steam them until nearly everything of the liquid has evaporated (around 8 min).

Deglaze it with port wine and let it boil down completly. Mix the cream in an let boil in around one-third. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste, then add the meat and let it heat up. Clean the green onions and cut them in thin rings and add them. Serve with spaetzle, pasta or croquettes.