Instruction for microscopic examination of spores

Recommended Tools:

Spore print or
Spore syringe
Microscope (40x – 1000x)
Pipette or syringe
Inoculation loop
Object slide and cover slip

General procedures:

Form, colour and size of spores are almost distinctive traits for classification of mushrooms.

Take a clear object slide and put a drop of water on it. Now use the inoculation loop to stir a few spores into the water and put on a cover slip. Put the object slip under the microscope to view the spores.

Another method is to put a drop of spore solution from a spore syringe on the object slide and put on a cover slip. If you use a spore syringe, we recommend shaking the syringe well to disperse the spores well in the water.

It is important that the microscope is standing on a flat and stable surface!