Vegetable curry with Tree Oyster for 5 persons:


300g fresh Tree Oyster mushrooms

200g bean sprouts

200g carrots

200g broccoli

200g leek

200g white cabbage

1 clove of garlic, soy sauce, 250g coconut milk, 1 ½ tablespoonful of red curry paste, cumin, powdered coriander, powdered cardamom, oil or coconut fat to roast


Cut the carrots and the broccoli into ca. 5mm thick and 5 cm long stripes, the leek in ca. 5mm thick rings. The Tree Oyster mushrooms and the white cabbage can be cut into thicker but same long stripes. Cut the broccoli in florets.

Heat the oil or coconut fat in a wok or a deep pan and roast the carrots and the broccoli florets for 1 minute on a high temperature. Next you add the Tree Oyster mushroom and roast everything for another minute. Then slowly add leek, white cabbage and stir together.

Deglaze the roasted vegetables with a big shot of soy sauce and pour the coconut milk inside.

Mix the curry paste with one tablespoonful of oil and mix it into the pan. Add cumin, coriander and cardamom to taste.

Add the bean sprouts shortly before serving.


Tipp: Serve your vegetable curry with rice or glass noodles. This recipe can also be made with Shiitake, Jew´s Ear, Umbrella Polypore, Lion´s Mane or Hen-of-the-Woods instead or with the Tree Oyster mushroom.