Shaggy mane - Coprinus comatus - grain spawn for organic growing, AT-BIO-301 Strain No.: 116001 Organic Grain Spawn small

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Shaggy mane grain spawn for inoculation fruiting substrate. Syn.: Lawyer's Wig, Shaggy Ink Cap, Maotou guisan

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Shaggy Mane - Coprinus comatus -  Grain spawn for organic growing

Synonyms: Lawyer´s Wig, Shaggy ink cap, Maotou guisan

Easy to identify, often growing in massive quantities. Cap 4-10 (15 )cm high by 3-4(5)cm thick, dingy brown at first, soon white. Growing in the late summer and fall throughout the temperate regions of the world. The mushroom contains plenty of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and niacin, but only little sodium; in addition, 20 free amino acids have been proven to be present in its proteins, among which are present all of the 8 essential amino acids (which the human body cannot produce by itself and therefore have to be ingested additionally)! Coprinus comatus contains the polysaccharide fucogalactan, great quantities of lectins and L-ergothioneine.

You receive ready colonised rye grain spawn for inoculation of convenient fruiting substrate. Larger quantities for commercial mushroom growing on request. Recommended only for experienced cultivators!

Production time: Spawn is made fresh after ordering, production time 2 to 3 weeks.
This product is fresh produce and should be processed immediatly after delivery.
If the product cannot be processed immediatley, it can be stored in the fridge at 4° Celsius for a maximum of two weeks

Organic Shaggy mane - Coprinus comatus - Grain Spawn small

Mastergrain (rye based)
Certified for organic mushroom cultivation.
(Organic control station: AT-BIO-301, Austria Bio Garantie)
1 autoclavebag approx. 1.6 kg - 2.5 liter
Price: from 14.90 €

Suitable Substrate: 
Mushroom compost (plus casing soil) 

Suitable method of cultivation:
indoor mycelium bags for cultivation in a greenhouse, mushroom bed / patch (mushroom compost based!)

Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Agaricaceae
Genus: Coprinus
Spores: black, 11 - 15 x 6.0 - 8.5 µ, ellipsoid, with a germ pore at one end.

Growing conditions
Phase 1: Mycelium growth
Temperature: 21 - 27°C
Humidity: 95 - 100%
Duration: 12 - 14 days
CO2: 5,000 - 20,000 ppm
Fresh air exchange: 0 - 1 per hour
Light: n/a

Phase 2: Arranging of Mycelia / Fruiting initiation
(after applying casing soil)
Temperature: 16 - 21°C
Humidity: 95 - 100%
Duration: 12 - 15 days
CO2: 500 - 1,000 ppm
Fresh air exchange: 4 - 8 per hour
Light: 500 - 1,000 lux for 8 hours per day

Phase 3: Fruiting and Harvest
Temperature: 18 - 24 °C
Humidity: 80 - 90%
Duration: 5-7 days
CO2: 500 -1000 ppm
resh air exchange: 4-8 per hour
Light: 500 - 1,000 lux for 8 hours per day
Cropping cycle: 2 - 3 flushes, 4 - 10 days apart

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