Organic skin creme - 50 ml - Chaga / Tinder fungus - 50ml - organic cosmetic in accordance with the directives for organic production

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Organic skin-creme with Chaga und Tinder fungus
Organic skin-care in best organic quality. Made in Tirol.

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As a source of natural, bioactive ingredients – vital mushrooms are a valuable resource for natural skincare.

Our Organic Vital mushroom skin care products are GMO-free and not tested on any animals (according to law). The products are free from synthetic fragrances, nanoparticles, parabens, mineral-oil based ingredients, colouring agents and artificial flavours. The cremes have a gentle and slight, natural occurring odour of fresh roses and citrus. It is our sincere conviction to meet and exceed the „Guidelines for organic production”. The raw materials and production process is controlled and certified by the independent Austrian inspection body „Austria Bio Garantie“. This allows our skincare to bear the title “certified organic cosmetic in accordance with the directives for organic production”, which ascribes to one of the world‘s highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics.


Apply sparingly to your face, neck, and cleavage after cleansing massage it in well by using circular motions with your fingertips. Both cremes provide abundant care and can be used for day and overnight care as well as make-up base. Your skin gets deeply regenerated, protected, and maintained, a slight protective film and a relaxed and smooth skin sensation is noticeable. The cremes can be used to take care of your hands, arms, and legs as well, the valuable extracts also quickly make chapped hands, after kitchen or garden work, feel pleasantly soft. These formulations also provide intense care and protection for cracked, scaly, stressed, and sore skin and for the sensitive diaper area. The cremes are suitable for sensitive skin. Avoid contact with the eyes.

In these products, we used the following ingredients.
(Ingredients marked with * are from controlled organic production)

Organic Sunflower oil*: Because of its high content of linoleic acid and the relatively small content of saturated fat, the oil of sunflowers is light, not overlying and a mild nourishing oil. A sustainable and local alternative to resource intensive oils like palm oil.
Origin: Austria / Germany / Hungary

Organic Rose Hydrolat*: Known as the Queen of all flowers, roses have been used for centuries for high quality body care products. We use the exquisite hydrolat made of freshly picked rose petals, from certified organic cultivation without any additives. Origin: Bulgaria

Organic Coconut oil*: Coconut oil is made from the pulp of coconuts, it contains a high content of lauric acid, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is moisturizing and has a slightly cooling effect on the skin. Origin: Ape free coconut harvest Sri Lanka / Philippines.

Organic Hemp oil*: In natural cosmetics, hemp oil is an excellent base. The unsaturated fats contained in hemp oil consist almost only of essential fatty acids, linoleic acids, alpha-linolenic acid, and gamma-linolenic acids. Hemp oil is also produced locally and sustainable, like sunflower oil.
Origin: Austria

Organic Jojoba oil*: This oil is extracted out of the seeds of the Jojoba shrub, which makes a liquid wax. This exact consistency contributes to its protective and nourishing qualities. Fast-absorbing, it makes skin smooth and soft. Suitable for all skin types.
Origin: Israel / Tunisia

Organic Beeswax*: Because of its natural emulsifying properties, cosmetic products that contain beeswax, can be formulated without usage of synthetic emulsifying agents. In addition, bees wax has a natural moisture preserving effect and has a beneficial impact on dry and maintenance-intensive skin. Origin: Austria / Germany

Organic Tinder Fungus (Formes fomentarius) extract*: The usage of tinder fungi for skin care and regeneration traces back more than 5000 years. The infamous Ötzi, a more than 5000 years old glacier mummy which was found in 1991 in the Ötztaler Alps carried a Tinder Fungus. This beautiful mushroom contains Beta 1,3 &1,6 D Glucan, furthermore polysaccharides, triterpene, steroids, glycoproteins, melanin, and glucuronic acids. Origin: Tirol

Organic Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) extract*: Chaga is native in northern Europe, particularly from Finland to Siberia. Its preferred habitat is extensive moorlands in birchwood forests. Since the 15th century Chaga is used in traditional Russian medicine. It contains more than 200 active biological substances, including melanins, polyphenols and oxygenic triterpene as well as polysaccharides, alpha and beta glucans. With all these treasured ingredients, Chaga cares for and nourishes demanding skin. Chaga is sourced from organic cultiva-tion in its natural habitat, where it is grown as part of a sustainable forestry strategy. Origin: Finland.

Algae: The Algae in our creme forms a protective film on the skin, to seal in moisture and encourage blood flow, which leads to a better absorption of the ingredients into the skin. Algae also contain valuable antioxidants, which give additional protection of the skin. Origin: France

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